DrayTek powers up VDSL2 connectivity

DrayTek powers up VDSL2 connectivity

Apr 29, 2013

DrayTek, a Taiwanese state-of-the-art firmware designer and quality hardware producer, has announced the availability of the Draytek Vigor2750 Series high-speed VDSL Router to the South African market.

The Vigor2750 Series is designed to empower users to achieve the highest levels of performance from VDSL2 infrastructure.

The Vigor2750 series is a cost-effective option for upgrading existing xDSL infrastructure, and features one VDSL2 WAN interface and a 4Gb LAN switch.

The combined technology ensures the transmission of data and voice packets running on bandwidth-intensive applications, such as high-definition video streaming, online gaming, and Internet telephony/access.

In addition, the Vigor2750 series is compliant with official IPv6 (Internet protocol version 6). Being IPv6-ready, users do not need to worry about running out of addresses within the current IPv4.

This is a considerable advantage given the growth of mail server, FTP server, Web server, ERP, CSM, surveillance and unified communication on the business side, and triple play or home automation for the home/SOHO side.

The VDSL2 WAN port optimises throughput performance and flexibility for time-critical console gaming, multimedia streaming and P2P downloading, and IP telephony.

The Vigor2750n router, with 802.11n standards for coverage, can provide either 2.4G or 5G wireless configuration which means users can select the best fit for their wireless usage.

Bradley Love, MD at DrayTek, says the great thing about the 2750 is that it is compatible with current ADSL infrastructure – even though a particular area may not support VDSL.

He advises those in the market for a new or replacement device to ensure that prospective solutions support VDSL, in order to avoid having to seek a replacement at a later stage.

“From a wireless security perspective, the router is also efficient for wireless network management. For instance, ‘wireless LAN isolation’ can easily isolate wireless network for friends or guests. Then, the access rights of various wireless clients can be managed by ‘MAC address control’ and deployed. We anticipate a strong response from the local VDSL2 community,” says Love.