Epson reveals Moverio multimedia glasses

Epson reveals Moverio multimedia glasses

Apr 1, 2013

Epson’s latest venture in personal technology has resulted in the launch of the first generation Moverio BT-100 (Moverio) multimedia glasses.
Moverio offers a high resolution see-through display, WiFi connectivity and smart navigation capabilities to create an innovative visual experience.

Like other first-generation products, Moverio exposes a whole new world of technological possibilities. Running on an Android 2.2 platform with Adobe Flash 11 support, streaming content from flash-based Web sites via a WiFi connection is simple.

Users can access content from a variety of sources, including the built-in gallery and music apps. The system can be constantly updated with new apps and content.

Imagine playing an online flight simulation game one minute and the next minute flying a drone plane while simultaneously viewing the live video feed from the drone’s cameras projected as an 80-inch perceived image. With Moverio, it’s not only possible, it’s feasible.

Developed with the traveller in mind, Moverio draws from Epson’s expertise in imaging technologies and delivers a QHD (Quad HD) display resolution, which equals a quarter of full HD, to ensure that the experience is similar to watching a big-screen projection – even in confined environments such as aeroplanes, buses and cars.

Moverio offers a hands-free, big screen experience alternative to small smartphone and tablet PC screens and is very easy to use. It comes with a control unit, detachable headphones, a 4Gb SD card, 1Gb internal memory and a carry case.

“As a business, Epson is focused on innovation and identifying and catering for future technology trends – we are particularly excited about the opportunity to bring wearable see-through technology to market. This wearable content viewing device offers users the opportunity to watch content on the go, without being cut off from their surrounding environment,” says Kelvin Reynolds, GM at Epson South Africa.