LG launches ULTRA HD TV

LG launches ULTRA HD TV

Apr 1, 2013

LG Electronics (LG), the first TV manufacturer to globally launch an ULTRA HD TV commercially, took a clear lead in the ULTRA HD TV segment when it released its 84-inch model (84LM9600). Since then, this extraordinary product has been drawing rave reviews from some of the world’s most reputable home entertainment authorities, including Germany’s Heimkino and Sweden’s Hemmabio.

LG’s 84LM9600 has also collected a CES 2013 Innovations Award, T3’s TV of the Year Award, AVForums.com’s Recommended Award, and the Best of AV MAX 2012 Award in the 60-inch and above category. Additionally, it is the recipient of Home Cinema Choice’s Reference Status award and Hi Tech.Mail.ru’s “Innovation” award.

“The positive feedback from industry experts is testament to the hard work and experience which enabled us to be the first to globally launch a large-screen ULTRA HD TV,” says Michael Bruchhausen, senior sales director of LG Electronics South Africa.

“LG’s 84LM9600 stands at the forefront of engineering and design, offering consumers an unparalleled viewing experience. I think the incredible reviews speak for themselves.”

LG’s remarkable 84-inch ULTRA HD TV has breathtaking scale and picture quality – a direct response to growing consumer demand for larger screens with higher resolution.

LG also incorporated its acclaimed Smart TV platform, offering the updated Magic Remote and Smart Home for easier content search and discovery. Delivering the sharpest images available and an excellent overall user experience, LG’s incredible 84-inch ULTRA HD TV has raised the bar for home entertainment products.

“LG’s 84-inch ULTRA HD TV truly sets a new yardstick for next generation TVs,” says HB Lim, TV marketing manager of LG Electronics South Africa. “It is a champion of picture quality with its superb ULTRA HD resolution, and it makes for an unbeatable user experience with LG’s simple, user-friendly Smart TV platform.”

The 84-inch ULTRA HD TV boasts an incredible 8-million pixels per frame. Thanks to LG’s advanced Triple XD Engine, the TV displays visually stunning images in ULTRA HD resolution (3 840 x 2 160), which is four times greater than that of Full HD TV panels.

Additionally, the inbuilt Resolution Upscaler Plus renders non-ULTRA HD content in sharper detail and clarity; a much-needed solution to the problem of images appearing grainy when viewed on the large, high-resolution display.

LG’s 84LM9600 produces the most spectacular level of detail ever seen on a TV, despite its expansive screen, which is the equivalent in size to four 42-inch TVs.

The LG 84-inch ULTRA HD TV also employs in-plane switching (IPS) display technology to further enhance picture quality. The implementation of an IPS panel offers consumers the benefit of a wide 178 degree viewing angle, making it possible to watch the ULTRA HD TV from almost anywhere, without distracting colour distortion.

This superior picture technology expresses vibrant colours that are true to life and therefore more comfortable for the viewer. This year, LG will be incorporating IPS display technology in a greater number of its outstanding new TVs.

The robust 2.2 channel speaker system, consisting of two 10W speakers and two 15W woofers, enhances the ULTRA HD TV’s ability to bring a true theatre-like experience into the home. The dual woofers help to create a lush, deep soundscape that perfectly complements the breathtakingly detailed visuals on the mammoth screen.

LG’s redesigned Magic Remote makes navigating Smart Home easier than ever. The company’s Smart TV platform presently offers approximately 1 400 apps and access to a growing range of premium content services, like 3D World and Game World.

LG has equipped the 84-inch ULTRA HD TV with its CINEMA 3D technology. The pairing of jaw-dropping resolution and LG’s comfortable 3D ensures the most immersive viewing experience around.

3D Depth Control makes it possible for the viewer to adjust the perceived distance between onscreen objects while the 3D Sound Zooming feature generates sound relative to their virtual location and directional movement.

Additionally, Dual Play takes two-player gaming to the next level, allowing both participants to simultaneously see their game characters in separate 84-inch images. Split screen gaming has been relegated to the annals of history.