Monster NTune: headphones with attitude

Monster NTune: headphones with attitude

Apr 29, 2013

Monster, in collaboration with musician Nick Cannon, presents the bold new NTune headphones. These are designed for users with something to say about their look, their persona, and most of all, their music.

NTune has a comfortable on-ear design, putting out pounding bass whether worn on the ears or around the neck.

Monster is known for making some of the world’s best headphones, and NTune proves that rule.

Details pop and the bass booms like a full stereo system. Monster’s advanced technology keeps music distortion-free, no matter how loud it is played. It’s the experience users want: an incredible sound and look at an incredible value.

The NTune targets the youth market. The lightweight design will always look good. The fairly small cans, designed for an on-ear fit, make it easy to wear the headphones all day long. The low profile right angle connector adds to the comfort and flexibility of the headphone.

The headphones also feature Monster’s advanced ControlTalk Universal, which provides easy music playback control for most Android, Blackberry and smartphone devices.

The NTune is available in a bold blue, black, red and white, and is now available at Musica for R1999.99.