Monster releases new DNA headphones

Monster releases new DNA headphones

Apr 1, 2013

From the same sound engineers that created Beats by Dr. Dre come the new Monster DNA headphones.

DNA headphones have a smart design with a remixable body. Personalise a pair with one of the many designs on offer, and remix the colours to create a distinct, customised look.

With DNA headphones, listeners don’t have to choose between deep bass or crystal clear details. Sounds are distinct and separate, making music rich and clear.

The comfortable, advanced noise-isolating cushions are designed to lock in sound, so users can listen for hours without distraction.

Whether stuffed in a bag or worn constantly, DNA’s durable materials will help them to withstand whatever life throws at them.

DNA’s dual-port inputs allow up to five headphones to connect, so that users can share audio with their friends.