Omega Africa, Pioneer launch new Blu-ray disc writer

Omega Africa, Pioneer launch new Blu-ray disc writer

Apr 1, 2013

The BDR-S07XLT Blu-ray disc writer can read and write to BD discs (both single-layer 25Gb and dual-layer 50Gb media). In addition, the writer boasts writing speeds up to 12x on BD discs.

PureRead is a unique function that minimises the data compensation process by diagnosing the disc condition and adjusting the reading method. It will attempt to reread obscured data to extract the original music when audio CD read errors occur.

Such errors are caused by scratches or fingerprints on the disc surface and cannot be corrected by the CD-specific error correction system (CIRC).

The BDR-S07XLT features the latest technology, called PureRead3+, which is an advanced version of PureRead.

The new PureRead3+ algorithm starts up and attempts rereading when the initial reading fails to extract data. With increased reading accuracy and the BDXL-compatible pick-up unit to enhance CD reading performance, audio CDs can be read with a high degree of accuracy.