Review: Take your work everywhere: Samsung Series 3 300E5C T01

Review: Take your work everywhere: Samsung Series 3 300E5C T01

Apr 1, 2013

In theory, a slim-line laptop should allow users to work absolutely anywhere. In reality, they’ll often find themselves squinting into their own reflection if they’re trying to work outdoors, while the battery depletes itself disappointingly quickly.

Samsung’s Series 3 300E5C gets around those issues. It’s a beautifully sleek, industrial-looking machine with a matt finish that doesn’t show fingerprints, and a nice anti-reflective display that actually allows users to see what they’re doing if they’re working outdoors. It boasts battery life of up to seven hours – enough to keep users productive for a good part of the day.

Samsung says the casing is also scratch-resistant, although I didn’t test this assertion. It certainly feels sturdy.

Featuring a 15,6-inch screen and nicely-spaced chiclet keyboard, 4Gb memory and 750Gb HDD, the T01 lets users get through work fast, thanks to a third generation “Chief River” Intel Core i7/i5/i3 processor – great for demanding users like me, who skip between apps and want everything done now.

It also ships with Windows 8.

A nice feature for those who sneak a look at e-mails between meetings is a three-second start-up from sleep mode.

The T01 is a great all-rounder for work and leisure, delivering the sort of reliable, fast performance users have come to expect from Samsung. And now it can be taken outside too.

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