ASUS Taichi looks both ways

ASUS Taichi looks both ways

May 20, 2013

The ASUS Taichi takes the innovative features of Windows 8 and uses them to create a unique device.

Two screens, facing away from each other on both sides of the lid, lend themselves to original and different uses that will wow customers and their clients.

While many manufacturers have been experimenting with new form factors that can utilise the new interface for Windows 8, ASUS is leading the pack when it comes to innovation.

There are few novel devices on the market at the moment that are as different from the norm as ASUS’ Taichi. The Taichi is essentially a dual screen notebook, which has two high resolution IPS panels in the lid. One faces forward, in the traditional position, and the other points away from the user when the clamshell is opened up.

This means that the Taichi can be used as a tablet when the lid is closed. Windows 8 lends itself well to this, although the added weight of scratch resistant glass over the full 11-inches of the screen does make it a little cumbersome for one-handed use.

Where it really shines, however, is as a tool for sales people who can share presentations and documents in meetings without needing a projector or external screen.

It’s an opportunity to really stand out and hold demonstrations to remember. In the right hands, then, the Taichi is a powerful device for doing business. All it requires is a little bit of creativity on behalf of the owner to make use of its innovations.