Casio announces high-speed EX-ZR700 camera

Casio announces high-speed EX-ZR700 camera

May 20, 2013

The EXILIM EX-ZR700 from Casio has set a new standard in high-speed photography.

The key component is the new EXILIM HS 3 engine. It eliminates delays, blurring and shaking, and enables non-professionals to take better pictures.

The new Triple Shot function enables three consecutive photos to be taken; one before release, one during and one shortly after. Casio’s Quick Response technology enables the camera to be ready to use in just 1,4 seconds.

The camera also boasts a high-quality GUI, with an easy-to-view display and intuitive operation. To enable the photographer to quickly capture different subjects, several photos can be taken at intervals of just 0,26 seconds.

The camera is fitted with a high-speed auto-focus function, taking just 0,18 seconds to find the focal point and focus. The Premium Auto Pro function enables the camera to automatically detect typical subject scenarios and then select the best settings. Night scenes, back-light, shaking and people’s faces are automatically accommodated, improving picture quality. For shooting a bright subject in low light, the EX-ZR700 offers the HS Night Shot function.

The camera merges high-speed, continuous shooting images that lighten dark images. This creates photos with an ISO equivalent of up to 25 600 without a flash, resulting in clear photographs.

The EX-ZR700 has a large, bright 7,6cm (3-inch) TFT colour display that permits viewing from almost any angle. In addition to the large viewing angle and high resolution of 460 800 pixels, the TFT colour display provides above-average contrast, assuring clear and sharp images, even in sunlight.

The combination of a 25mm wide-angle lens and 18x optical zoom allows for wider landscape photographs. With the 25mm focal length, users can capture a larger area and, for example, include more people in a group photo at a shorter distance, or photograph a complete landscape or skyline.

The 18x optical zoom provides photographs that are more accurate and detailed. Using the Multi Frame SR Zoom, which combines multiple shots into a single photograph, the zoom area can be doubled. This means the 18x optical zoom is converted to a 36x zoom.