Tiger Tech introduces the TBox

Tiger Tech introduces the TBox

May 20, 2013

Tbox represents a great option for those seeking the simplicity and price point of a NAS appliance with the performance characteristics of a SAN.

To set up a Tbox, users simply need to install the client software on each computer to be connect to the shared storage, and then connect the computers to Tbox via 8Gb FC, 10Gbe and/or 1Gbe ports.

Once users turn the appliance on, RAID storage becomes instantly available to all connected clients.

Tiger Technology software ensures consistent and uninterrupted high-speed access and storage zoning.

All storage settings and statistics can be controlled or viewed by any computer through the Web interface, which is accessible from any device on the same network with a Web browser.

Tbox is the ideal SAN solution for:

*    Film colour grading FX and video editing workgroups;

*    On-set 2K and 4K film capture with instant daily logging and editing;

*    Shared storage for school and rich media educational facilities;

*    High-performance scientific applications and satellite imaging analysis; and

*    High performance SAN appliance for Avid workflows.