Kindle Fire HD does more than read

Kindle Fire HD does more than read

Jun 25, 2013

Amazon has announced that the Kindle Fire HD is now available in over 170 countries around the world, giving customers access to millions of apps, games, books, audiobooks and magazines.

Designed for entertainment, the Kindle Fire HD is perfect for Web browsing, apps, games and books.

Features include:

* A customised HD display with in-plane switching, Advanced True Wide polarising filter and customised laminated touch sensor for 25% less glare, with rich colour and deep contrast from any viewing angle – ideal for movies, apps and gaming;

* Custom Dolby audio and dual stereo speakers for crisp, rich sound;

* The most popular apps and games;

* Ultra-fast Web browsing and streaming with built-in dual-band, dual-antenna WiFi;

* A front-facing HD camera for taking photos or making video calls;

* Exceptional battery life – the Kindle Fire HD gets over 10 hours of battery life;

* Easy-to-use e-mail, calendar and contacts for work or home, including Gmail, Hotmail and Exchange;

* Amazon-exclusive features, like Whispersync for Voice and Whispersync for Games;

* “Buy Once, Read Everywhere” with the free Kindle app available on the largest number of platforms so customers can use their Kindle books on any of their devices; and

* Amazon’s top-rated, world-class customer service.

“I am thrilled that we are able to bring Amazon’s top selling product, the Kindle Fire HD, to the South African consumer. The Kindle Fire HD is not only an advanced piece of hardware, but also a service. It combines the Amazon content ecosystem, great e-mail and Web browsing capability in a tablet,” says Steve Nossel, MD of Circuit City Electronics.

“The the Kindle Fire HD will be available in leading retail stores from the 13 of June 2013.

The Kindle Fire is more than just great hardware – it’s a service. When a customer orders a Kindle Fire, it arrives pre-registered to their Amazon account and greets them by name. All of the customer’s Kindle content is there waiting for them to download and start enjoying – no long set-up process, and no syncing with a cable.

The Kindle Fire also comes with instant access to Amazon’s digital content right from the device, including all of the features customers love about shopping on Amazon – customer reviews, one-click purchasing and more. Whenever customers shop on Amazon, or buy a Kindle they know that they are also getting Amazon’s world-class customer service.

Customers have been shopping on Amazon for over 15 years, and they continue to do so because of the unparalleled, end-to-end customer experience.

The Kindle Fire HD supports Bluetooth, enabling customers to connect their wireless Bluetooth headphones or Bluetooth speakers to listen to songs or audiobooks. With Bluetooth connectivity, customers can also easily connect to a wide range of Bluetooth-enabled keyboards.

HDMI out makes it easy for customers to connect the Kindle Fire HD to their big-screen TV to enjoy their favourite videos and photos.

The Kindle Fire HD features a front-facing HD camera. Skype has created a customised app, tailored for the Kindle Fire HD that is ready to use out of the box, for free HD video calls at home and abroad.

The Kindle Fire family features world-class Microsoft Exchange integration, with fine-tuned performance on many of the most critical e-mail functions.

For example, typical Exchange accounts sync with the oldest e-mails first, ending with the most recent e-mails – the Kindle Fire instead syncs with newer e-mails first, then with older e-mails, getting customers access to the most recent e-mails they are looking for.

The Kindle Fire also features a new calendar app, making it easy for customers to stay connected and keep track of their schedules. The new e-mail client offers support for the world’s most popular e-mail providers – including Gmail, Microsoft Exchange and Hotmail.

Photos come alive in stunning high resolution on the Kindle Fire HD. The mosaic view arranges personal photos beautifully, and customers will be delighted to see their best shots on their TV with HDMI out.

The Kindle Fire lets customers easily import their photos from Facebook and because their photos are securely stored in the Amazon cloud, they never have to worry about losing their favourite pictures.

The Kindle Fire provides customers with an incredibly large selection of digital content, including thousands of exclusives:

* Instant access to the most popular apps and games – including Pinterest, NBA JAM, Asphalt 7 and Where’s My Perry? – each one optimised for the Kindle Fire HD;

* Millions of books, including over 300 000 titles that are exclusive to the Kindle Store. Over 650 000 books are priced at $4.99 or less; over 1,2-million are $9,99 or less;

* Hundreds of magazines and newspapers – including Vogue, Esquire, National Geographic and Better Homes and Gardens – with glossy full-colour layouts, HD photography, and beautifully detailed illustrations; and

* Over 100 000 professionally-narrated audiobook titles available, with free samples to listen to before buying.

The Kindle Fire HD is available with 16Gb on-device storage. This large on-device storage capacity is in addition to the free storage Amazon provides for Amazon digital content in the Amazon Cloud. Amazon digital content is automatically backed up for free in the Amazon Cloud’s Worry-Free Archive where it’s available anytime.

An HD display and HD content must be driven by a powerful processor and optimised software. The Kindle Fire HD family features world-class processors and an Imagination Technologies graphics engine for lightning-fast HD graphics and excellent fluidity.

Combining the latest generation processors with significant customisation of the Kindle Fire software results in a smooth experience for the user.

The device combines dual stereo speakers with the Dolby Digital Plus audio platform – the standard in high-performance audio – to offer a world-class audio experience.

Dolby’s audio suite for the Kindle Fire HD includes technology used to adjust volume and deliver easy-to-understand dialogue, and also optimises for headphones or speakers.

All of these pieces combine to create an exceptional audio experience that results in clear, crisp and balanced sound quality.
10 hours of battery life

The Kindle Fire HD is optimised to deliver high performance, delivering over 10 hours of battery life.

Even with a custom display, a powerful processor, extra speakers and dual-band/dual-antenna WiFi, the Kindle Fire HD weighs only 600g and is just 8,8mm thin.

Covers for the Kindle Fire HD feature a premium textured leather exterior in a variety of colours and a subtle woven nylon interior to provide the lightest and thinnest form of protection.

The integrated magnetic clasp ensures the cover remains securely closed while in a backpack, purse or briefcase. The cover automatically wakes the Kindle Fire HD upon opening and puts it to sleep when closed, making it easy to dive right back into whatever content a customer is enjoying.