Meru offers a different wireless solution

Meru offers a different wireless solution

Jun 25, 2013

Most Wireless LAN infrastructure vendors use the same basic microcell architecture and therefore face common challenges – unreliable wireless connectivity, poor roaming, limited scalability and complex management.

Meru is different because:

* No channel planning is needed – all radios in a virtual cell can use the same channel without interference, and adding coverage is as simple as adding a light bulb. Calculating the power level and channel setting of other vendors and access points are a complex process.

* A deployment requires 30% fewer access points than a similar deployment from any competitor. Other systems require that each access point is tuned down or constantly adjusted.

* Clients remain connected to the same virtual port wherever they move in the network. With zero millisecond hand-off latency, performance is consistent and controllable, eliminating contention for access. Each packet at a given quality of service level is given equal treatment. During hand-off other vendors force clients to decide for themselves which access point they should connect often, causing noticeable delays.

* Meru offers airtime fairness, giving each client an equal share of the network’s time. Each client can transmit at its own maximum speed during that time. Most wireless access points are like Ethernet hubs – the slowest client ends up dominating the network.