Nashua’s new MFDs to outperform predecessors

Nashua’s new MFDs to outperform predecessors

Jun 25, 2013

Innovative multi-function devices (MFDs) set to outshine their predecessors will soon launch at Nashua, with improved features providing end-to-end solutions that are imperative to customer satisfaction.

The new MP2001SP and MP2501SP devices offer outstanding device management capabilities, supporting enhanced workflow and implementing substantial cost savings.

These devices are being introduced as the successors of the Aficio MP1600 and MP2000, sporting a new colour touch panel that is intuitive and easy to use.

With a warm-up time of just 20 seconds, they are substantially faster than other similar devices.

Nashua’s product manager, Glenn Goslin, notes that the devices are perfectly suited to SMEs, small home and office environments and small and medium sized work groups, focussing on those with a requirement for A3 printing.

The benefits of the MP2001SP and MP2501SP include a 25% increase in productivity over the previous models, with a print capacity of up to 10 000 pages per month.

Page per minute rates have increased in both models. This upscale will minimise costs and increase productivity.

To add to this offering, Nashua’s Managed Document Solutions (MDS) presents an instant overview of device usage by individuals, enabling management, monitoring and control over total cost of ownership, whilst identifying the users that take advantage of printing resources.

Through this offering, consumers also have the option of marking print documents with user details to ensure accurate tracking of print jobs, to minimise document losses and to expose paper wasters.

With the installation of a hard drive, MDS can be further utilised for its security and safety offerings. Auto job promotion will prevent jobs from blocking the device print queue that don’t have the correct settings to print. Print scheduling can also be activated enabling users to send time consuming jobs to the machine at quieter times of the day or even after hours.

Mandatory Hold Print is also available when the optional hard disk drive is fitted. This holds each job sent to the device in memory until it is released by a user at the device. An added security feature which users can make use of is Lock Print, a function that secures the privacy of documents by requiring a passkey for release of the document to print when printing confidential information.

The machines’ next generation controllers (GWNX), which provide users with comprehensive device management capabilities, can form part of a sophisticated workflow solution and interact intelligently with user needs by improving their access to information and allowing them to customise the control panel.

It adequately supports network software systems, making it easy to install within any printing network.

Consumers will be happy to know that with the add-on of post script 3, users will be able to print from Apple Mac devices as well, further adding to its competitive edge. The MP2001SP and MP2501SP both have the capability of colour scanning and duplex as a standard value offering, which wasn’t present in previous models.

The devices are able to produce high compression PDF documents, which decreases a file’s size when a PDF is sent through the network, allowing for faster delivery and promoting better workflow.

The Aficio MP2001SP and MP2501SP printers provide its consumers with numerous advantages, including a significant decrease in total cost of ownership, notably enhanced productivity, and innovative, intelligent and customised solutions.

Goslin concludes, “The improvements to these devices have not only been made to update the model, but to ensure maximum customer benefit, reaffirming Nashua’s superior product offering as a dominant force in the printing market.

“We endeavour to provide our customers with peace of mind through offering comprehensive, innovative hardware and software business solutions - ultimately saving them time and money, and ensuring they are put first.”