Eaton easy800 Control Relay with Bluetooth

Eaton easy800 Control Relay with Bluetooth

Oct 1, 2013

Eaton has introduced the easy800 control relay with Bluetooth communication.

With a Bluetooth adapter, machines and plants can be conveniently commissioned and maintained remotely. Users can now also communicate with the controller outside of noisy environments and dangerous areas. Communication between the notebook and easy800 can be bridged with a Bluetooth adapter in normal industrial environments up to distances of 10 metres.

An 8-digit PIN number for each Bluetooth adapter is used as a security code for communication with the notebook. This prevents the possibility of external unauthorized accesses to easy800.

The easy800 control relay series has demonstrated its versatility in a wide range of applications.

With its versatile function blocks such as PID controllers, maths function blocks, pulse width modulation, high-speed counter and so on, the easy800 provides solutions for a wide range of control and regulation tasks in industry and trade.

Thanks to its analogue and digital expandability, connectivity to standard bus systems, easyNet networkability and possibility for Ethernet communication, the easy800 control relay has become the most powerful of its kind on the market.