Future-ready business security from Cyberoam

Future-ready business security from Cyberoam

Oct 1, 2013

With high-speed Internet becoming a reality in organisations, along with the rising number of devices per user and data usage increasing at exponential rates, next generation security appliances must match the needs of future networks.

The Cyberoam NG series delivers future-ready security to organisations by offering unmatched throughput speeds, with best-in-class hardware and software to match.

The series includes:

* NG series for SOHO and SMEs – the NG series appliances for SOHOs and SMEs are the fastest UTMs made for this segment; and

* NG Series for Large Enterprises – the NG series appliances for enterprises offer next generation firewall (NGFW) protection to large enterprises with NGFW capabilities offering high performance required for future enterprise networks.

With Cyberoam NG series, businesses get assured security, connectivity and productivity. The Layer 8 Technology attaches user-identity to security, adding speed to an organisation’s security.

Cyberoam’s Extensible Security Architecture (ESA) supports feature enhancements that can be developed rapidly and deployed with minimum efforts.