New wireless base station from Duxbury

New wireless base station from Duxbury

Oct 1, 2013

The Deliberant APC 5M-90 is an entry-level 5GHz-class wireless base station, available from Duxbury Networking to complement its high-end range of high-speed wireless network products and accessories.

It combines a water- and dust-resistant IP-65 compliant casing with an 802.11n radio core designed to meet capacity and reliability standards required for multimedia and other modern business-critical applications.

“Despite it being a low-cost option, the new Deliberant base station is able to increase a legacy wireless network’s performance by a factor of six while boosting reliability and predictability ratings, thanks to its 802.11n compliance,” says Andy Robb, chief technology officer at Duxbury Networking.

“The radio core also contains MIMO 2×2 smart antenna technology for improved multiple-input and multiple-output communication performance. It is backed by an integrated, high-gain, dual polarised 90-degree sector antenna.”

Robb says the APC 5M-90 is powered by an operating system facilitating the rapid creation of high-throughput and stable wireless networks.

“It allows the device to work as a bridge or a router, while providing a user-friendly Adobe Flex-based graphical user interface with access to useful installation and management tools. These allow for the preparation of comprehensive site surveys and accurate antenna alignment. A delayed reboot tool and a spectrum analyser are also included.”

Robb says the Deliberant base station is ideally suited to Highveld weather conditions, being protected against the frequent summer lightning strikes with the use of an external grounding option.

“When grounded to a mounting pole and used together with FTP cable and shielded RJ-45 connectors, the base-station is well protected from the ravages of lightning,” he adds.

All Deliberant APC series products have optional access to iPoll, a proprietary point-to-multipoint protocol designed to eliminate mediated access by polling every subscriber sequentially. The data transmission arbitration is accomplished by the access point. Proprietary iPoll protocol enables maximum bandwidth with the lowest possible latency.

In addition, Deliberant APC series devices can be managed and monitored using WNMS (Wireless Network Management System), a software application designed to simplify a large number of tasks for network administrators. A WNMS cloud version is also available.