WD adds My Passport Air to hard drive portfolio

WD adds My Passport Air to hard drive portfolio

Oct 1, 2013

Looking for an ultra-slim portable hard drive suited to a MacBook Air? The My Passport Air from WD is the ideal companion, boasting a sleek metal design which complements the MacBook Air perfectly.

This drive is created to perform optimally, with USB 3.0 allowing users to access and save files at high speeds.

Not only does the My Passport Air hard drive deliver in the speed arena, but it also has an ultra-compact, fashion-forward design.

At just 11mm thin, this ultra-slim mobile hard drive features a premium aluminium enclosure, making it sleek, stylish and sophisticated. It is designed to work with a Mac and operates on a “plug and play” basis.

Compatibility is no issue, as it works directly with Apple Time Machine. This also gives users the ability to set up quick and easy backups.

My Passport Air comes with WD features such as WD security, which allows users to set password protection and hardware encryption to protect all files and memories; and WD Drive Utilities, which allow users to set a drive timer and run diagnostics.

This hard drive is perfect for the travelling businessperson, as they can access all their data on-the-go. Photographers, creative professionals and students that need access to photos, videos and other resources will find that the My Passport Air is a perfect solution.

The My Passport Air offers a capacity of 500Gb.