Dell PowerEdge R720xd for hungry apps

Dell PowerEdge R720xd for hungry apps

Nov 15, 2013

With space for over three quarters of a terabyte of RAM, high-performance I/O capabilities and superb storage capacity, the R720xd is perfectly positioned to serve the needs of performance-hungry applications in medium- to large-sized enterprise datacentres.

The amount of storage the server can accommodate is staggering: it has space for 26 x 2.5-inch hard drives or 12 x 3.5-inch ones and a maximum overall capacity of over 50TB. This facilitates larger and more efficient databases, and email and web servers that can process a great deal of data quickly and efficiently.

Powered by Intel’s Xeon E5-2600 processors that can have up to eight cores each, the R720xd server has some serious number-crunching capabilities under the hood, as well as cutting-edge power management features that keep power use low.

Businesses can specify the network infrastructure and vendor they require and Dell will integrate everything into the server spec using Network Daughter Card (NDC) technology. NDC allows for various LAN on Motherboard configurations, which support multiple manufacturers and network speeds.

The server’s impressive I/O capabilities are made possible by integrated Gen3-capable expansion slots that have twice the interconnect bandwidth as previous generations. PCIe 3.0 supports GPU acceleration that can be used to power through the most demanding workloads, delivering results for specific workloads even faster than a traditional CPU.

Extending the reliability of the platform are hot-pluggable power supply units, fans and hard drives that can be replaced without powering the server down.

With such flexible and scalable options, the PowerEdge R720xd 2U rack server can be deployed in medium to large-sized enterprises and competently satisfy the needs of all applications that demand high I/O performance as well as their appetites for a large amount of storage.

At a glance:

  • Xeon-powered 2U rack server for medium to large enterprises
  • Supports over 50TB of storage and 768GB of RAM
  • Gen3-capable expansion cards with twice the interconnect bandwidth
  • Hot-pluggable fans, disks and power supplies