Develop SA launches the ineo 654/754

Develop SA launches the ineo 654/754

Nov 12, 2013

In corporate printing environments, efforts are constantly being made to maximise efficiency and productivity while simultaneously minimising expenditure.

The ineo 654/754, a high-end monochrome office machine recently launched by Develop South Africa, is ideally suited to tackling this challenge, and the benefits it brings make it a highly productive investment.

“These days, people expect a higher return on investment (ROI) than ever before, particularly in the case of high-end monochrome machines,” says Marc Pillay, MD of Develop South Africa.

“That’s why we’ve put a lot of effort into ensuring the ineo 654/754 gives customers the added value they want – improved productivity, a high degree of flexibility in their everyday work, and in particular ease of use. This added value ultimately results in a rapid return on investment.”

These two high-end office machines deliver all the speed a corporate printing environment needs. The ineo 654 prints and copies at 65 A4 pages per minute (ppm), whilst the ineo 754 boasts 75ppm.

“Job queues can be a time-waster in multi-user environments or at an in-house print shop but this kind of speed reduces them to a minimum. It also ensures that staff can get on with their daily office work while the machine efficiently looks after the printing and copying, however voluminous a job may be. By printing or copying in duplex mode at the full engine speed, the ineo 654/754 also helps to save money by reducing paper consumption,” explains Pillay.

He continues: “In a multi-user environment, centralised office location or in-house print shop, merely printing or copying at high speed is simply not good enough. The sophisticated output required of such a high-end machine may include multi-page booklets or black-and-white printouts with colour covers, and the media it is expected to print on are likely to be very diverse.”

To this end, the ineo 654/754 has been specifically designed to offer users a wide range of finishing options from simple stapling to professional booklet making – with useful features such as a colour cover insertion or Z-folding (so A3 pages fit into an A4 folder).
The machine also supports a broad media spectrum ranging from 52g to 300g per square metre in weight and A6 to SRA3 in size. Banners of up to 1,2m in length are no problem either, so these machines are ideal for printing oversized project plans or calculations.
“This kind of flexibility enables previously outsourced jobs to be printed in house. And that, in turn, speeds up the return on investment in an ineo 654/754,” adds Pillay.

High-end office machines are often complicated to operate, especially for everyday office users. To counter this justifiable complaint, the ineo 654/754 has been explicitly designed for ease of use so that everyone can make full use of its extensive functionality.
The 9-inch multi-touch, full-colour operating display is instantly familiar to smartphone users thanks to its drag and flick functionality, finger-swiping menu and sub-menu pop-ups.

As a tablet-sized screen, it is not only easy to read and clearly arranged but also displays all key functions at a glance. If a user requires a function not displayed on the home page, the menu is perfectly easy to navigate as well. The ultimate benefit of all these features is that users spend less time setting up a job, which naturally boosts productivity.

The ineo 654/754 comes with a number of features that will enhance the efficiency of document workflow in a corporate printing environment. This machine, for example, scans at up to 180 images per minute so that even large documents can be digitised quickly.
Moreover, the software tools Develop offers as optional extras help to reduce the amount of manual work involved in scanning or archiving work. One such tool, convert+share, offers a wide range of formats for scanned documents and ensures they can be sent to any destination the user wants. Another tool, store+find, enables document files to be located fast and thus eliminates time-wasting searches.

“Yet more proof of how the 654/754 can boost productivity in a corporate printing environment,” concludes Pillay.