Easily set up your own network

Easily set up your own network

Nov 15, 2013

Cisco’s 100-Series Unmanaged Switches make it easy to set up a small business network without having to know too much about networking.

Being unmanaged, no complicated setup procedure is needed. Simply plug them into power, connect all the necessary network cables and you’re done – the switches will do all the thinking for you from that point on.

Designed for simple network setups where all that’s really needed is basic connectivity between devices, Cisco’s 100-Series Unmanaged Switches are ideal in small business environments where no dedicated IT staff exist to manage and maintain complicated network infrastructure.

They’re able to sense what cable has been connected and adjust accordingly, they automatically determine which speed to run at, and can handle a network that has a range of network devices attached that run at different speeds without breaking a sweat.

Available in desktop and rack-mounted models, 100-Series Switches can be mounted on a wall or tucked away under a desk and forgotten about.

Even without user intervention, these switches are able to prioritise time-sensitive traffic like voice and video data to ensure excellent performance on all types of applications using their integrated Quality of Service intelligence.

For fuss-free network setups, Cisco’s 100-Series Switches are a small business owner’s dream.

At a glance:

  • Unmanaged Cisco switches for small businesses
  • Support Gigabit, Fast Ethernet and 10-baseT speeds
  • Quality of Service prioritises voice and video data
  • Optimises power usage to be energy-efficient without compromising performance
  • All Cisco 100 Series switches are protected for the life of the product by the Cisco Limited Lifetime Hardware Warranty