HP EliteBook Revolve targets business users

HP EliteBook Revolve targets business users

Nov 15, 2013

The Revolve is one of the latest entries in HP’s popular EliteBook business notebook range. It introduces a new take on the EliteBook series, with a rotatable touchscreen that enables it to switch between notebook mode and tablet mode with a simple twist.

The machine has a sleek magnesium chassis coated in a soft-touch finish, and when not in tablet mode it looks like any high-end business notebook. The Revolve also has many of the ports one would expect of a high-performance business notebook including two USB 3.0 ports, a DisplayPort for connecting to projectors and external screens and a full-sized RJ45 network port.

Enterprise-class docking capabilities come standard, as does a 720p HD webcam for high-definition video conferences, and its audio capabilities are enhanced with DTS Studio Sound technology that includes dual microphones for crystal clear IP telephony.

Thanks to optional solid-state hard drives, Intel’s Ivy Bridge Core i7 mobile processors and Windows 8’s inherent performance improvements, the EliteBook Revolve is a very fast machine. It resumes from sleep in two seconds or less and boots to the desktop in just eight seconds…

It’s also a very sturdy machine, as HP has used scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass 2 and an all-magnesium chassis to provide world-class protection from the rigours of everyday use and transport. Built in protection  comes standard in the form of HP’s BIOS Protection, including Secure Erase, Drive Encryption and built-in face recognition software.

As a business machine, the Revolve offers everything a modern enterprise worker could need from their hardware. It’s fast, secure, easily managed and works in both tablet and notebook mode for maximum convenience and productivity.


At a glance:

  • * 11.6-inch business notebook with rotating touchscreen for tablet mode.
  • * Super-fast boot and resume times
  • * Comes standard with the essential ports needed for business
  • * Enterprise docking compatible