Legion Lock & Cable secures hardware

Legion Lock & Cable secures hardware

Nov 15, 2013

Securing business hardware physically is an absolute necessity in this age of brazen thieves who don’t blink at the thought of raiding an office in broad daylight.

This notebook lock from Legion is one of the many ways of doing that. At the very least, it is enough of a deterrent that would-be thieves will think twice once they see it.

It has a lock with over 10,000 user-selectable number combinations, and comes standard with a table clamp, screw and a foam spacer that allows it to be attached in a permanent fashion to most office desks.

Each Legion Lock is 1.8m long and is made up of industrial-strength steel cable that’s very difficult to cut without specialised tools, and fits any notebook, projector, monitor or any hardware that has a standard locking port.

At a glance:

  • Cable and lock system to secure office equipment
  • Excellent deterrent to would-be thieves
  • 1.8m long industrial strength steel cable
  • Combination lock with 10,000 combinations