IBM Flex System offer available at AxizWorkgroup

IBM Flex System offer available at AxizWorkgroup

Dec 12, 2013

If users want to build a solution tuned for their applications and services, they need the most advanced blade technology available – and a flexible architecture to support their needs, both today and tomorrow.

Furthermore, users need simple, integrated management to keep operational costs down. However, they also want a no-compromise design and long-term investment protection.

IBM Flex System compute, storage, management and networking offer performance and capacity to support the most demanding applications.

IBM Flex System technology delivers the flexibility users need now, and is designed to support multiple generations of future technologies.

The IBM Flex System Enterprise Chassis is a simple, integrated infrastructure platform. The 14-node, 10U chassis delivers high-speed performance.

The solution is easily scalable by adding chassis with the required nodes. With FSM, multiple chassis can be monitored from a single point of control.