Affordable WD Sentinel network storage servers for SMBs

Affordable WD Sentinel network storage servers for SMBs

Jan 9, 2014

Data is the heart of any organisation and businesses need to be able to store, protect and share this information. While large enterprises have IT specialists on the job, the small to medium businesses (SMBs) do not always have this luxury. The WD Sentinel range offers the ideal solution – reliable, secure and easy-to-manage network storage servers designed specifically for small business environments.

WD Sentinel products are easy to install and provide secure centralised storage, complete data protection and data access for employees, clients or vendors while in the office or working remotely. Featuring hardware and software from industry leaders, WD Sentinel delivers a reliable, cost effective and easy-to-manage storage server designed for small office environments.

WD Sentinel X Series
WD Sentinel DX4000 and RX4100 Small Business Storage Servers available in rack and desktop form factors featuring hard drives optimised for reliability, quality and performance, an Intel Atom dual core processor, and Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 Essentials, and Microsoft operating system.

New WD Sentinel S-Series
WD Sentinel S-Series features two ultra compact storage plus servers – the WD Sentinel DS5100 and DS6100 – that are ideal for small businesses looking for a compact unified storage solution with integrated iSCSI SAN, NAS and server-based backup technology. The S-Series delivers an all-in-one network storage plus server in an ultra-compact form factor that is easy to deploy, configure and install.

The S-Series is designed as network-attached storage that runs Microsoft applications, including line-of-business applications like QuickBooks. It also offers an integrated dashboard to simplify management, as well as integrated iSCSI SAN and NAS network storage and network backup for 50 computers or devices. They can also be configured as a DNS or DHCP server. This 8 x 9 x 6-inch appliance is equipped with a large, quiet fan and can be deployed in any business environment.

Designed with SMBs in mind
Everything about the WD Sentinel family of products – simple installation, ease of use and maintenance, high capacity storage and leading software – is designed with SMBs in mind. For small business owners and managers as well as IT consultants, the WD Sentinel range of products is perfect for the job, delivering everything a business needs to centralise data storage and for data backup.