IBM Storwize V5000: Flexible storage solutions

IBM Storwize V5000: Flexible storage solutions

Feb 7, 2014

IBM Storwize® V5000, available from AxizWorkgroup, is a highly flexible, easy to use, virtualised storage system that enables mid-sized organisations to meet the challenges of rapid data growth and limited IT budgets. As an intermediate Storwize family offering, Storwize V5000 enables organisations to consolidate and provide new capabilities to their existing infrastructures. With flexible licensing options, Storwize V5000 makes it easy to deploy complementary solutions, such as IBM ProtecTIER®.


• Higher flexibility: Easily customisable with flexible software options
• Ease of use: Simplifies management with industry-leading graphical user interface
• IBM Easy Tier®: Helps to increase performance up to three times using only 5% flash storage with optional IBM® Easy Tier® technology
• External virtualisation: Consolidates and provides IBM Storwize® V5000 capabilities to existing storage infrastructures
• Replication over IP: Improves network utilisation for remote mirroring with innovative technology
• Clustered systems: Provides the ability for block systems to both scale up and out for performance and capacity

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