Fujitsu’s new all-in-one X-line desktop PCs

Fujitsu’s new all-in-one X-line desktop PCs

Mar 11, 2014

11 March 2014 ~ Fujitsu has announced two new all-in-one X-line desktop PCs with integrated features that fully support unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) environments. Fujitsu’s ESPRIMO X923 and ESPRIMO X923-T take unified communications and collaboration to the next level, advancing Fujitsu’s vision of a human centric intelligent society with technology that focuses on the needs of the user and on improving productivity.

More than ever before, enterprises need intelligent tools that enable a smarter, more integrated approach to communications. But due to so many communications mechanisms (e-mail, voicemail, instant messaging and more), productivity can suffer when people are out of reach.

In addition, many unified communications and collaboration environments require the use of a wide range of additional-cost accessories such as headsets, loudspeakers and handsets.

With the new Multimedia module, Fujitsu has integrated all these features into its all-in-one ESPRIMO X PCs, making unified communications easier and more effective. A busy light function indicates the user’s presence status and the touch-screen option is perfect for applications such as interactive White Board sharing.

The Fujitsu ESPRIMO X series also provides an elegant solution for users who need the full functionality of a space-saving desktop, but also require energy saving and constant connectivity. Both the ESPRIMO X923 and ESPRIMO X923-T can be switched to Low Power Active Mode (LPAM), which shuts down power-hungry applications such as browsers and office programs, effectively almost turning off the device.

A network connection remains in active so that office programs can remain in sync. In Low Power Active Mode, the ESPRIMO X923 and ESPRIMO X923-T draw just enough energy to perform critical background tasks, yet are still immediately available for incoming communications.

This is a reduced cost approach to the Always On approach, which can run up power bills when desktop PCs are left running at full power, 24×7. Fujitsu’s LPAM means ESPRIMO X PCs use less than five watts per hour while still running Microsoft Windows 8.1 Professional – some 45% below the system’s maximum power consumption in standard idle mode. This ensures that enterprises can cut their power bills and replace legacy telephony equipment with unified communications-enabled PCs.

“With the speed of business today, enterprises need communication and collaboration tools that enable greater efficiency and productivity while also reducing costs. Fujitsu’s range of PCs with built-in unified communications and collaboration features allow enterprises to respond faster to rapidly changing market requirements and to discover new business opportunities,” says Joerg Hartmann, VP, Client Computing Devices, International Business, Fujitsu.