LG G Flex: Smartphone innovation with a curve

LG G Flex: Smartphone innovation with a curve

May 13, 2014

After three years of Research and Development and more than 300 mock-up devices, LG Electronics determined to find the perfect curvature that best suited the contour of a human face, developed the ultimate smartphone, the LG G Flex, which has a flexible display.  The LG development team focused on product innovation and user experience when devel-oping the G Flex.

For LG, the best place to start with smartphone design is at the beginning, the core function, making a phone call. The G Flex’s ergonomic, vertically curved 6-inch display provides a more comfortable phoning experience by accurately following the contours of the human face, placing the speaker and microphone closer to the ear and mouth. This allows for optimal sound/speaker quality regardless of how loud a person’s voice is. At the same time, the arched form, is reassuringly easy to grip.

Not only this, but the G Flex also features increased battery capacity, while still maintaining optimal size. With a curved phone comes a curved battery, which LG diligently created – a world first in smartphone battery design.

The LG G Flex measures six inches diagonally and boasts a Plastic OLED (P-OLED) display, which is the world’s largest – developed and manufactured specifically for this smartphone.

The G Flex is also the first smartphone to feature a self-healing coating on the back cover, making it immune to minor scratches and nicks. On top of this, LG also added in user-centric UX features such as QTheatre, Dual Window and a Swing Lock screen designed specifically for the curved screen. The camera is 13 megapixels and the front camera 2.1 megapixels, which makes for great selfies. The cherry on top is the control buttons on the back of the phone, which facilitates an ergonomic and better quality smartphone experience.

Testament to its avant-garde innovation, the LG G Flex has been put on display at the National Museum of Korean Contemporary History since the end of November 2013, being the first curved phone displayed at the museum. Product development and smartphone innovation sits at the core of LG’s corporate culture and design philosophy and is the reason the LG G Flex is a booming reality.