Entry-level IP security camera from Duxbury Networking

Entry-level IP security camera from Duxbury Networking

Jun 6, 2014

Duxbury Networking has released a new Internet Protocol (IP) based network surveillance camera range from its principal ACTi Corporation.

The ACTi D Series is targeted at indoor and outdoor monitoring applications and consists of cube, dome and bullet cameras with one to three megapixel resolution high definition (HD) lens options.

In line with all ACTi cameras, the D Series features an image signal processor (ISP) designed and manufactured by ACTi to facilitate clear, precisely focused video images, even in low-light applications.

“In demanding applications it’s vital to be able to identify persons or objects in a scene. In these instances ACT cameras provide the ability to clearly see details such as facial identity,” says Andy Robb, chief technology officer at Duxbury Networking.

Pictured is the ACTi D11 1MP cube camera with fixed 3.6mm, HD lens which retails at approximately R 1108.00 exclusive of VAT.