DreamWorks Dragons Adventure for Windows phones

DreamWorks Dragons Adventure for Windows phones

Jul 21, 2014

DreamWorks Dragons Adventure World Explorer, the new mobile game by Microsoft and DreamWorks Animation inspired by the blockbuster animated film, “How to Train Your Dragon 2,” uses award-winning HERE Maps to turn real world roadways, buildings, lakes and more, along with the time of day, current traffic conditions and local weather into your own fictional Isle of Berk.

Take flight and soar freely on the back of your favorite dragons as you complete quests. Complete quests at home, or play on the go by entering your driving destination to begin a personalised quest from the back seat of the car. The magical game experience is unlike anything you’ve played before and the drive to football practice or your next family road trip will never be the same. Now available for free on a range of Windows phones and tablets.

The game is now available to play on a range of Windows phones and tablets including the Lumia 1520, 1020, 925 and the recently announced Lumia 930. The game can be downloaded for free without any in-app purchase offers at the Windows Phone Store and the Windows Store.

  • Take Flight with the Dragons: Play as movie characters Hiccup or Astrid, choosing from six dragons to fly as you explore the game’s land of Vikings and dragons in the Isle of Berk. Plus unlock new characters and dragons when you register and new dragons as you play.
  • Play At-Home or On-The-Go in Two Modes: While at home, Explore mode takes you on a dragon rescue mission in quests across 16 cities around the world, such as Berlin, Nairobi, Shanghai and Washington D.C. While on the road, play in Train mode, where actual streets, buildings and more appear directly in the game as you travel by.
  • On-The-Fly, Real World Transformation: In Train mode, the game’s integration of HERE Maps GPS mapping technology takes a player’s location, driving direction, traffic conditions, and even the time of day, and transforms it into the game in real-time as you play. For even more realism, the Weather Channel® mirrors the areas actual weather conditions, and Foursquare™ popularity data populates the game with the number of Vikings that appear near each point of interest.
  • Dragon Mastery: Complete 38 quests, from collecting loot to saving trapped Vikings, rescuing dragons and much more, as you work to master flying and training skills to become a Master Dragon Trainer. The game automatically winds down when you reach your destination in Train Mode, making long road trips and everyday commutes an ongoing adventure, without the ongoing struggle to close down devices.

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