New Netgear smart switches from Duxbury Networking

New Netgear smart switches from Duxbury Networking

Nov 24, 2014

Netgear’s new range of 10 Gigabit stackable Ethernet smart switches, dubbed the ProSAFE S3300 Series, has been released in South Africa by specialist distributor Duxbury Networking.

Said to provide the cornerstone for a dependable network able to expand as a business grows, the ProSAFE S3300 Series is geared to exploit the power of 10G-capable servers and network storage devices.

“From green-field environments to the upgrade of established networks, the ProSAFE S3300 is an ideal solution for small and medium-sized businesses, educational institutions and other private or public sector organisations looking to leverage reliable technologies at affordable prices,” says Andy Robb, chief technology officer at Duxbury Networking.

Key features of the new ProSAFE S3300 include advanced security measures, offering both dedicated 10GBase-T and SFP+ uplink and stacking connectivity in both PoE+ and non PoE configurations.

“The S3300 Series delivers a powerful interconnect solution for access to network core connectivity,” notes Robb. “In addition to offering 24 or 48 Gigabit copper ports and four dedicated 10G ports – two 10GBase-T copper and two SFP+ fibre – the switches come with advanced L2 and L2+ features.”

To meet the demands of tasks such as data replication and backup, virtualisation, video on demand and high volume transaction processing, as many as six S3300 switches can be stacked for a total of 288 network ports, with 40 Gbps stacking bandwidth and full redundancy.

“The standard inclusion of 10GBase-T uplink capability ensures an affordable way to leverage existing copper installations,” explains Robb. “This enables network managers to migrate to 10G connectivity at a pace that suits their requirements.”

He says that while maintaining compatibility with the existing family of Netgear stackable smart switches, the S3300 also provides users with a cost-effective 10G connection between their Gigabit access layer switches and the aggregation layer 10G switches and routers.

According to Robb, a key differentiator of the S3300 Series is its solution-based switching platform. It is capable of scaling to meet future requirements obviating the need for users to purchase additional point products.

He explains: “The design of a dependable switched LAN network requires an architecture that can scale as an organisation’s network grows, while still being flexible enough to provide support for faster server and storage connection needs. As users produce and consume more data, Gigabit to the desktop increasingly needs to be underpinned by 10 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity to the core. This ensures a consistent, seamless user experience.

“The more the network has to deliver, the more critical it is for resiliency, redundancy and speed to be built into the design to avoid potential bottlenecks and service performance issues.”