BWired Metro Connect: Point to anywhere for added value

BWired Metro Connect: Point to anywhere for added value

Dec 8, 2014

BWired, a leading network solutions and services provider, is proud to introduce its Point to Anywhere Metro Connect Layer 2 Ethernet broadband service.

Today, clients located within the Johannesburg metro, via a specific VLAN, can now take advantage of free 100 Mbps VPN Ethernet transit service anywhere on the Company’s 940km active fibre network.

Based on a model where the client self-provisions the last mile to one of BWired’s inter-connect manholes and be billed per port, after which each connected port shares the VPN Ethernet transit capacity.

Additional VPN Ethernet transit capacity can be procured to a maximum of 900Mbps, in increments of 50Mbps, catering for a maximum of transit capacity of 1Gbps.

“Customers have to take ownership of- and manage on premise equipment and devices, but essentially this service equates to greater throughput of internet connectivity and reliability,” says Musa Nkosi, CEO of BWired.

The solution will significantly reduce costs for service providers to enter previously disadvantaged areas and build their respective business networks.

The company is a specialist in smart infrastructure, advanced networking solutions and connectivity telecommunications. It has a long and proud history of service to help digitise communities.

In a metro area of significant size and scope, such as Johannesburg, a reliable, strong and efficient connectivity line represents substantial value says Nkosi.

He notes that as infrastructure is being developed and evolves to lay a firm foundation for the smart cities of tomorrow, early adopters of this service will benefit significantly.

“We anticipate that this service will lead and help keep consumers at the head of the curve in terms of being able to leverage off connected services driven by smart technology,” Nkosi added.