More convergence for Adobe Creative Cloud

More convergence for Adobe Creative Cloud

Jul 7, 2015

Creative Cloud 2015 sees more convergence across desktop and mobile, with Adobe adopting the term “CreativeSync” to describe the synchronisation that occurs in the workflow.

The company is also introducing Stock, a photo library of 4-million stock images available for purchase on a once-off basis or as part of a subscription plan.

Last October saw the company start a journey to connect subscribers to all of their work and assets. The introduction of mobile apps, that are seamless extensions of the desktop apps, has truly enabled connected workflows.

CreativeSync’s signature technology intelligently syncs creative assets: files, photos, fonts, vector graphics, brushes, colours, settings, metadata and more. With this feature, assets are instantly available, in the right format, wherever designers need them – across desktop, web and mobile. Work can be kicked off in any connected Creative Cloud mobile app or desktop tool; picked up again later in another and finished in the designer’s favourite desktop software

The 2015 release also sees new innovation in the desktop apps, including Adobe magic, productivity and performance breakthroughs across 15 CC desktop applications.

In addition, Adobe is bringing more of its mobile apps, introduced in iOS, to Android.

Adobe Creative Cloud is available is available from DaxData.